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About Us

We RIDE! A bunch. We are a group of fun-loving, low key, enduro, off-road, and dual sport riders. Some of us are always riding somewhere most weekends. Enduros, trail rides, dual-sporting back roads, exploring, etc. Most all of us have "plated" enduro or dual sport bikes.  (easy to do in Ohio). We do an annual night ride in the fall  (trails and roads) with hot chili and camping that is always a hit.   


We have a couple of large properties that we are allowed to call "home base" for fun riding, and if we aren't getting ready for an event, we'll sometimes just camp and go ride. 


We organize an AMA event or two each year that aid some local community causes, and help us pay for insurance and expenses. Most of our organized events generally start in the Zanesville, Ohio area, but we have guys in our group from all around Ohio.


Want to be involved? Contact us...


Happy Trails!


Where's the helmet Dave? Jeesh!

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